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Wednesday, January 15, 2003

What a highly disgusting Wizz game last night. They lost to an 8-man Toronto team with 3 players who were just signed to 10-day contracts (sounds like the old Bullets!).
This article gives you the hihgly disgusting feel for how highly disgusting the game was. And this article tells us that poor ol' Larry Hughes was pretty much the only one left to answer questions after the game. Old pros like Salieri ducked out before the media arrived, leaving LH to say "We didn't step up" all by himself!!! SALIERI!!!! However, I did see Juaniata Jordan Dixon being intreviewed after the game and it was cool because he put on a 1976 Terry Bradshaw Steelers jersey. WHAT!?!?!? Juanita Dixon Jordan you are from Baltimore and you went to U of Md.!! YOu should have a Johnny Unitas 1960something Colts jersey on!! Or a Boomer Easiansonson from U-Md.!!! Not hillbilly Blond Bomber from Steel City!!! At least rock Franco Harris!! He was a mofo!! And Franco sells HEALTHY DONUTS now for a living!

Here's an excellent pro Bron Bron's motherHummer by our main man Ric Bucher. We support Bron Bron's motherHummer up to and including 100%, and Buch's story tells us why. We weren't sure why before we read the story, we just knew we'd like a ride like that at age 17 so why shouldn't Bron Bron? People make money off Bron Bron left and right. What can't his mother give him a Hummer? It's all in the family. No agents gave him a Hummer, but many agents would like to give him a Hummer. But no, Bron BRon got a Hummer from momma, case closed.

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