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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Rod's Half Smoke is paining him for the next month!!! Poor Strick has a highly strained debarge in his groinal area, whcih will give him time to rest and get drunk. Have a Mad Dog 20/20 on us, Rowdy Roddy Pipe Layer!!!

Meanwhile, Salieri continues his evil ways by disrupting the youth of National Basketball Association of America: he's been voted onto the allstar team at THE EXPENSE OF STACK!!! That's right, Jer Jer Binkz didn't make it because the coaches wanted to honor Salieri and his average season (and above average career, or something). But Stack is the bestest and deserves to be there!! G-Wiz, I guess your league-wide Bron Brons (aka hummers) for all the head coaches in the NBA didn't win your lover any votes. ""I'm used to being on the short end of the stick," Stack said when he found out he wasn't voted on. You are one bitch of a selfish boyfriend, G-Wiz.

Dana - 9:38 PM




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