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Thursday, January 30, 2003

In the fourth quarter of the Wizz's abysmal loss to the New Jersey Nets last night: "Chris Childs was called for an offensive foul for kicking Brendan Haywood in the groin while going in for a fast-break layup. On the same play, Washington's Bryon Russell drew a technical foul for hitting Childs in the head." THAT'S A LOT OF SEXUAL TENSION FOR ONE BALL GAME!

The Nets were without J Kidd for most of the game, but The Yellow Kid aka K Mart stood tall with 19 pts. and 21 johnny rebs. For the Wiiz, SAleri sucked again; Juanity Dixon Jordan didn't play for the fourth straight game---ALDERMAN UNSELD, Moreplaying time for JUAN!!---and everyone complained that the big men didn't score BUT THEY WERE NEver passed the ball!! Goddddd dammmnnnn!! Stack, L Boogie, Ty Poo, Saleri: put the ball in the big men's hands, unlike Chris Childs who put the knee on the big man's ball.

Stack fouled out late in the game, but in our fantasy league it says he was EJECTED, which is as bogus as the fact that ejections are a STAT in our league to win and lose. CRISPA: You are one insane commish! Here's proof that the WizzNutzz Fantasy Team is being screwed for this nonejection: "Kwame Brown, who was the only Wizards player to be ejected this season after picking up two technical fouls against the Bulls after a run-in with referee Joe Crawford, had his technicals rescinded by the league, according to a team official." WE GOT CHARGED FOR THAT KWAMES EJECTION TOO! Protest!! Protest!!! Once we are done with the "Free Mayce Webber" rally we are going over to Crispa's house with our signs and noisemakers.

Phil Chenier before the Wizz v. Netz game:
"Jason Kidd is the NBA's best passer in the league."
No doubt, no doubt!!! He truly IS the best NBA passer in the NBA!

Here are two recent USA Today interviews with Wizz related players that say nothing much of nothing:
Juan Dixon Jordanita
Benjamin Wallace's Afro

Also, Robetrt Pack scored 18 and had 11 assists with the New Orleans Charlotte HJornets!!!

Dear C Webb, we WizzNutzzz are praying for your sore ankle and hope that TyrA rubbs on it and makes it feel better. If she doesn't, give me, the Dana Dane, a call on the celly.

Dana - 6:39 AM




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