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Monday, January 27, 2003

Hi everybody!! I'm back from Vegas with my NBA4Her thong securly in place (thankx god for velrco!!). While out west I also went to Seattle to find the ghost of Jim McIlvaine and lo and behold I turned up Calvin Booth!!! Can you believe this ex-Wizz is languishing on the bench with the Seattle Supersonics? It's heresey!!! Booth for President!! He didn't shoot Lincoln; he shoots basketball!!!!

Nice job, Darvin, of keeping up the blog while I was modeling the new NBA wear for a private viewing with Calvin. Wizz lost everygame while I was gone. Guess I'm a good lucjk charm!!! KWAME!! WEAR ME AROUND YOUR NECK!!! OR WAIST!!!!

Here's a great story about the Wizz troubles by Honorary WizzNut TOm KNott, he of the overlong and confusing metaphors!! WHatever those are!!! He makes fun of Rod Strickland!! How dare!!! HOW DARE!!!! HOW TRUE!!!!

Dana - 10:00 AM




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