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Friday, January 10, 2003

Here's a PRO Sis Chris piece!! Me, the Dana Dane, couldn't do a better job of giving C Laett this sort of love even if she were to strip down and give him her legendary Slam Dunk (tm) !!!

And in this article, the Phantom states what the WizzNutzz Cru says daily:
"I love Larry Hughes," Collins said.
THere is very much to love !!! Indeed, and to emulate. In fact, our friend Shawna, the long-lost member of the WizzNutzz Cru, recently had his scrotum tattooed with a cursive "LH." It looks very cool !!! Though you must manipulate the sack a bit to actually see the initials. Otherwise it just looks like "_-!" which doesn't mean anything really, but then none of us speaks Sanskrit so maybe it does !!!

Also, that article also says this:
"The success and optimism the Wizards are experiencing now is a far cry from just three weeks ago, when they were mired in another losing streak with a losing record that prompted some locker room discord."
WizzNutzz would like the beat writers in this town to have some balls with LH tattooed on them and report WHAT EXACTLY that discord was. In fact, the WizzNutzz KNOW what it was: There was a fight during practice. We were trying to work our tricks and our sources to find out who fought exactly, but no one could confirm anything. It's a Conspiracy of Silence!!! CHUBS AND CHASERS HAD RETURNED!!! We think it was Charles Oakley beating down someone, anyone, everyone. Surely Kwame received some blows (not from ME, unfortunately). Whatever, now they all love one another, due to a team Xmas party where the Wizards bonded. That's excellent!! Alcohol and the holidays do bring people together!! ME and Ken were brought together after we had too much eggnogg !! KEN IS A FREAK!!! EDutainment my ass, that boy can ball!

Dana - 7:46 AM




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