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Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Excellent linkage, Darvin!!! I mean, Encyclopedia Kw. Brown von Ken Beatrice!!! You made me wnna learn how to read with all those intereatedsteing articles!!!!
It got me excited. I mean it got me excited to find links tooO!!! Here's a great one I found that covers the Bullets' glory days, ie, 1995-1997. SOME MUCH EAckles!! Too bad the Post links on plantar fasciitis and Rod Rod Strick and T Murrary fights don't work anymore. Buyt lotsa good analysis by site runner operator William T. Free III aka CHIP FREE (that's like World B. Free but not!!!).

Salieri says Wizz Lay Egg!! My god!! Is that like plantar fasciitis but worse? Also, the Oak Beard of the Trees says "We've got some sensitive young guys. Nowadays, these young guys, anytime you say something, you're picking on them." Hey I would think someone is picking on me too if they said, "Hey you number one draft choice sissy pants momma boy!!! Quit flopping around the court like a dying fish, and go put your hard sculpted nubile narcisscus body on a fellow fine-looking young man, you pink-pantied Jahidi thong wearing turd!!! Stop putting your hands in air like you didn't just foul someone and go put those sweet soft hands in the face of some other overpaid sissy with a Hummer in the lot and one in the hotel, you stank-ass child!!!" I'D ESPECIALLY OBJECT TO THE PART WHERE OAK CALLS ME A MOMMA'S BOY!!! For I'm a WOMAN!!!!! YOu Oak Ass!!!

I'm trying to watch the Sac Kings vs. Dallas Mavs game on ESPN tonight, but it's IMPOSSIBLE!! Between Bill Walton yelling through his nose and screaming and overcommentating and exaggerating and doing color commentaRY (Racist!!!) and Stuart Scott and TIm Hardaway talking gibberish in the studio (Idiots!) I can't listen to the game. I have to mute the TV just like I mute Ken, who just won't stop running his mouth!! It;s always "It's your show it's your show it's your show it's your show, and NO I DO NOT HAVE THE RESOURCES TO SCOUT HIGH SCHOOLS!!!" Shut up ken!! Shut up Bill Walton! Shut up Stu Scott !! Shutt up Tim Hardonway!!!!! DANA NEEDS SILENCE!!! MOM AND DAD STOP YELLING!!! STOP THE YELLING!!! KWAME !!!!!!

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