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Thursday, December 12, 2002

WizzNutzz family Photo album is here!!!

This week, in a very special David Aldridge, our favorite NBA reporter reminisces about the former home of Les Bulletz, the Capital Centre, home of the misplaced letter E and the world's greatest Executive Nachos. In this Very Special Aldridge, Dr. David admits to seeing Barbra Streisand at the Cap Centre. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Stevie Wonder, OK, but Babs? David, untuck your testies!!

Our other fave NBA scriber, Ric "Lost My K, Baby" Bucher questions the Wizardz not usingthe WizzNutzz #1 Black Narcissus Kw.Brown!! The Manchild Brown is alleged to not practice well. I'm sure he doesn't---he only give 50%, he saids---but you gotta go with the OG Narcissus #1 Brown!!!!! cuz he dont' need no practicing!! He just needs some plays called for him, such as the Alley Oopz and the Phi Slamm Jamma. Have faith in Kw., MJ you bald bastage !!!!!!!!

But MJ, you you do look good with your mules!!
Even if your Wizz are having an identity crisis. Me, the Dana, once had an identity crisis. I thought I was a man. How silly!!!!! A man has a penis! I pretty much do not.

Dana - 10:24 PM




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