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Friday, December 27, 2002

Wizards discontent is brewing like the coffee in my mind. After last night's horrible loss to the Pistons (hi! Big Ben & Rip! we still love you! nightly! and often!), the players were po'd. And they should be. Doug The Phantom Collins needs to stop playing these old farts and let the kids take over. Michael Bald Bastage Jordan had four turnovers last night, including three in the 4th quarter, one of which with 14 seconds left. Luckily Little Lue got the ball back, sent it back to MJ, who was then stripped by a Pistons doubleteam. Uh, HELLO! How about JErry Stackhouse? He's the go to guy now----or he should be. Remember the Los Angeles Lakers game early in the year when he scored a phii slamma jamma at the buzzer and showed the world his deep, true and abiding love for G-Wiz? They need to get the ball to Stack let him drive the lane and either draw a foul, make a basket, or dish to Kw.Brown. MJ should stand on the perimeter and take jumpers; he should NOT be trying to beat a double team off a dribble. BALD BASTAGE!!

Look at how angry the Stack is from this Wash Post story about the game last night (we uncleaned it up for you):
"We say the same things. We say we need to move the ball and do this and do that. There's certain times of the game where you have to take advantage of mismatches like we were doing in the first half. Jon Barry can't guard me for long stretches and I don't even get an attempt to attack him. We attacked him in the first half because he can't guard. Why didn't we attack him late? We're doing everything to bail him out. When he's on defense he can chase off screens and that's what he wants to do. If you can get him on the block and wear his ASS out, it's a different story. There's a lot of different things we can do better and we can start winning games."

Right on, Stack. Dear Phantom, start this lineup and play it for 48 minutes every day and night:
C, Brendan Haywood (who did not play in 4th last night. WHY?)
F, Kwame Brown (who was subbed out for C Laett despite almost having a double double!)
F, Jerry Stackhouse (shoulda had the ball, not MJ, in crunch time. Stack had ONE shot in the 4th)
G, Larry Hughes (a badass mofo--he had 12 Johnny Rebs last night!)
G, Michael Jordan (and then when Juan Dixon returns, bench MJ's old ass)

Run the offense through Stack---and let him drive, not just rotate the ball to him on the perimeter for a dumb ol' jumper--and call some plays for the big men. Kw.Brown just stands out there with his hands down Haywood's pants. And Haywood just stands there with his hands down his pants. That's A LOT of hands down Haywood's pants!!!

We gotta get young. We gotta get our guys some experience. Otherwise it's gonna be just the same ol' same ol' around here. 30 winds, 52 losses, lottery pick, trade away. Man, if we only still had Sheed, Big Ben, C Webb, Rip and, well, Denver can keep Juwan. But if we only had those guys still, we'd be the best team in the NBA. Maybe we have those guys, in their younger forms, now, but we'll never know unless the Phantom puts them out there in crunch time, instead of the AARP crew.


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