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Sunday, December 29, 2002

We here at the Wizznutzz are ready to be hired as Washington coaches. Just call us, ol' Abe. Why are we crowing? OUR PLAN WAS IMPLEMENTED last night (sort of), and the Wizz Won against the Hawks (who, admittedly, stink)!! Jerry Stackhouse, who played 42 minutes, took over the game, scored 15 in the fourth, and was the focal point of the offense. The truth is, STACK MADe himself the main offensive option; he took over the damn game, which is what he has to do with the Phantom on the bench. Here's an exerpt from the Post article:
"Though Stackhouse went off late, it wasn't because the Wizards designated him as their main option. His offense was in large part self-generated, as he was able to exploit the zone defense that had hemmed up just about everyone on the Wizards."

Salieri played only 30 minutes or so (10 too many still), and Kw.BRown got in for 25 or so (which is 10 too few). Still, as this article says, it was Stack's night to shine. Bet G-Wiz gave him an extra little sumpin' sumpin' for his efforts.

Dana - 9:41 AM




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