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Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Oh whatt a crapper tongight was!! THe Trailblazers musta got some good weed because they we ALL Fired up for the Wizz. The Blazeups beat the Sea Dogs 98-79 behind a very balance attack that featured no Portlander scoring 20 points but six of them had 10 or more. Rueben Patterson had 10 points and didn't manage to rape anyone or beat any womens in the stands. Scottie Pippen had 14 and didn't father any children out of wedlock at 1/2 time. Bonzai Wells scored 12 and only called Christian Laettner "honkey" 10 times; he got a "Casper muthafuckka" in on Brian Cardinal, too. And Sheed scored 13 and didn't get arrested! (Meanwhile, the peeople the Wizz traded for Sheed, Rod Rod Rod Srtickland and Harvey Grant, are eatin half smokes and cutting lawns for a living.) All in all a greast Night for Portland!!

The only positive for the Wizz(nutzz) is that Kw.Brown played, just as we put him on the wiaver wire in our fantasy league, and scored 11 points and had 6 johnny rebs in 21 minutes!! And new Wizznuta fave Larry Hughes got a double double (17 pts 11 rebs). And Dana's moisture fave Christian Laettner scored 10 points in 25 minutes and had 2 rebs. Regrow the floppy hair Laetner!! It's hottt!!! Oh, and while searching for helpful material on Laetnerr, me the Dana, found this AWesome Christian Laettner site!! WizzNutszz are honored to link to it, and we are jealous of its design and intents!! Puts Wizznutzz.com to shame! And we welcome it as a Permanent Member of the Bram Weintstein Family of Wizznutzz Approoved Web Sites!!

WHo says prayer don't work? Chris Webber's trial has been psotponed until the season is over!!!!!!

Hey, Bernie Bickerstaff is on the psotgame show!! They keep telling him to remember to hold the mike up his mouth!! Where's Adiran Dantly? I'll go visit him and ask. WE LOVE YOU BERN BERN!!

Phil Chenier said this on the postgame show, and it's a direct quote: "My balls didn't touch the rim that night."
You are one talented cocksman Dr. Phil!!

Dana - 9:24 PM




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