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Wednesday, December 04, 2002

OH Snapo!!!! When he was a kid, Chick Hernandez, host of the Wizards postgame show on Comcast, had the biggest friggin' afro this side of Dr. J. BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm moist with pleasure over Chick's large dome! I saw him in person once. He's puny, about 5 feet tall. His afro was at least that.
Adrian Dantly is my faborite, too. He;s so smart and handsome and illegible. I would kiss him in as second!!!!
Wizards totally killed th e Pistons. 88-83. LAryy Hughes had 17 ptoints and 10 johnny rebs. Nice playing Mr. Neck Tattoo!!! (LH, in cursive, for the record).
Kwames only played 12 minutrs or so. He's dying. Get some Clearisil and get back intot the lineup Dr. Brown's Natural Soda!!! We miss you (and your stats on our gfantasy team!!!).
Oh how I miss BEN Wallace and his great grate gerite HAIR!! It was such a mess tonight. Bestest. He and Moochie Norris should have children with giant octopus hair!!!!
Dana von Poistgame Callin Giel signign off!!!!

Dana - 10:26 PM




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