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Saturday, December 07, 2002

oh SNap!!! Did you all ever hear of Slamball? It looks to awesome cool!!! And one of the announcers is REGGIE THEUS!! He's very knoweledgeable and highly egotistical about THE GAME of SLAMBALL for an ex-Saturday morning TV actor! His bio says this too: "Reggie Theus was an exciting National Basketball Association player of the first rank...The smooth and silky ball-handler excelled...Over a 13-year NBA career that spanned three decades...The eloquent, handsome, fashionable and multi-talented star..." Whatever Mr. Theus! Keep on lyin' cuz!! You''ll always be Coach Fuller to us !! HANG TIME HANGIN' AROUND!! HANG TIME!!! HANGIN!!! TIME!!!

Sometimers me and Darvin play slamball with fellow intern Ken Beatrice but it merely consists of us stripping him naked, duct taping his hands and feet together, and throwing giant "Kwamized" balls of snow at his noggin. It must surely hurt but you can't hear Ken's whimpers through his duct taped mouth.

But Slamball, damn!! That's the next generation of WissNutzz faves "Hallball," which games James and Christopher useta play back in the day. Both of theme had rag arms aleady and after an evening of on-the-clock hall ball, the boys could barely gather the strength to type in "www.ign.com" into their browsers to see if Peer & Matt had a jj upsies about the latest N64 newz. Sing with me: "Memories, like the corners of my drawers/Dirty things in my linens, and the way things burr."

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