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Monday, December 16, 2002

Oh snap! Darvin! Good reportering, young man. tha't's a HAM SLAM of a good link below. Referee Eddie Rush is a pimp, Juanita Dixon Jordan is hired help, and I quote this too: "David Falk, advised him to marry Juanita in order to maintain his favorable public image." The BIRD OF PREY controls MJ, the bald bastage!!!

Wanna get the WiZznuttz, our bosses, something for Christmas? In addition to Juan Dixon and KwBRown bobbleheads, how aabout some meat and tix? A WB50 Phat Pack will do too, Mr. Beatrice!

Here's a photo of KwBRown hanging out with his peers and that old dude Byron Russel.

Those of you who wrote it to ask how intern Ken B was doing after his punishment for messing up the Wizznutzz radio appearance, I have this to say: he may bruise easily but he learns, he learns...

Dana - 11:08 PM




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