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Monday, December 16, 2002

Oakman Cometha! Polo or LOLO!
Wizz killd the Raptors and this is what Charle Oakley said after the game because Toronto's fans didn't scream for Jordan in his last trip there:
"You know how they are in Canada. They don't really know basketball. They don't know if they are watching polo or lolo."
What the hell is a Lollo? MY FAVORITE game THAt's what!!!

Our boss Christopher of the Wiznutss went on the radio with B Ram on Saturday (he called into the show). James was supposed to appear too but they forgot to take him off hold; he was throwing out Wizznuttisms and nobody but his backyard cockroachs and rabbits were hearing him!!! Too badd. James and Christopher were irate at the gaff, however, because, after an exhaustive internal investigation, it was determined that intern Ken B was to blame for the mistake. Turns out that James had Ken call into the show, but Ken's obsessive-compulsive disorder took over and he said: "Master James WizzNuttzz is ready to hit the air, because it's his show, it's his show, it's his show, it's his show, it's his show..." James had to get out of his lounge chair, spilling his Long Island Iced Tea in the process, and snag the phone from Ken, who at that point looked shaken and diseased. Because James was confused by Ken's outburst, he didn't realize that he wasn't actually on the air (even though kEN says he SWEARS he talked to the producer who said "Hold on, B Ram will pick up.").

"Very discouraging, intern Ken B, very discouraging," is all James and Christopher said to him as they led him down the long, wet, dark, stone hallway to the Punishment Room (a place that Dana has yet to visit, thank the lord; The screams, the screams...).

Dana - 7:34 AM




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