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Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Kwames had 10 and 5 at the half tonight and Lil' Chick Hernandez grabbed him for a chat. Here's how it went down:
Chick: "You scored 10 in the first half, which is more than your game average. What do you attribute it to?"
Kw: "My teammates make good passes."
ChciK: "#23 scored 23 in the first half; you're not used to that, huh?"
Kw: "Uh uh"
Chcik: "Thanks, Kwame."
THAT WAS AWESOME REVEALING andf it got me to thinking about the Kwames and past articles about the Child of Man.
Rachel Nichols Alexander the Great wrote this way cool Kwame article last season. In it Kw says "you'd be much better off being a regular Dick." RELATE! It has has this cool story about Kw and his moms:
"What did I call about last week -- oh yeah, I wanted to know how to make macaroni," Brown says. "I wasn't sure if I put the cheese stuff in while the water was boiling, but my mom coached me through it. She said not to use the powered cheese anyway. She said it isn't that good."

Here's another Kw articlefrom the pre-draft days. Lots o' pressure on our Mancchild!

Here's a grate story by the Wash Post's Tom Boswell about KW!!! Good job BOS! We love this line: "With time and work, he may be a basketball diamond. But, as a person, he's already something of a jewel." HE's A diamoND in the ruff MANCHILD!!

Kw says he loves "dirt roads" in this article from Savannah Now nespaper! Hers' another from that paper from BEFore KW declared for the draft.

OK, enough links for now on the KW. WE LOVE YOU HER E At wiznnUTZZ!.COM CENTERal!!! But here's some cool memoribilia feautring GAME USED SHORTS!!! Moist products in plastic as mementos of permanance of the MAnchild!

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