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Tuesday, December 31, 2002

IT'S NEW YEAR'S ETAN!!! WIzz Beat Spurs!! 105-103!!
Etan Thomas is a mother effin' chief!!! He got Sister Christian off the bench to CELEBRATE about three minutes into the fourth after this sequence of events:
9:36 WAS - T. Lue misses a 16-foot jumper from the right wing
9:33 WAS - E. Thomas offensive rebound [DOVE OUT OF BOUNDS AND SAVED BALL, MORE LIKE IT!]
9:26 WAS - E. Thomas makes a 6-foot jumper in the lane. Assist: T. Lue
9:18 SA - Full timeout (Timeout #5)

Sis Chris was jumpin' and pumpin' along with the rest of the Pine Crew, and it was super sweet. ETAN!! Tell Sis Chris he should grow his floppy hair back and you'll share some of your hair bands with him!!!
P.S. to Sis Chris: I still love you, even though you're taking time away from Kw.Brown. Darvin, however, don't love you. WRITE THIS ON THE INSIDE OF YOUR SNEAKERS SIS CHRIS: Stay away from Darvin. Get close to Dana. Very CLOSE!!!!

Here's a stat play-by-play entry we've seen during the 4th quarter every game this year:
4:43 WAS - Bad pass by M. Jordan [SALIERI !!!]
3:54 WAS - M. Jordan misses a 14-foot jumper from the left wing [ DOUBLE SALIERI !!!]

We've also seen things like this far too often in the 4th:
1:39 SA - S. Smith steals the ball from J. Stackhouse [TURNOVER!! Pass the friggin' ball, Jer Jer Binkz!! Wizznutzz are starting to get angry with Stack, aka Lover of G-Wiz, aka Mr. 40%.]

Great game from L Hughes (22 pts. 4 johnny rebs. AND NO TURNOVERS!), Sis Chris (big playz in the 4th; he's a team player, believe it or not. He didn't grouse at all during the beginning of the season when he got no mins), Jer Jer Stack Binkz (25 pts., 7 assists) and the number one star of the game, ETAN (hustle and muscle! 10 pts., 7 rebs in a season high 25 mins!! Crowd gave him a standing O !!!) But the best moment of the game? With seconds left, the camera took a shot of the bench and there was KWAMES laughing and hugging Bobby Simmons. It's platonic love, between two teammates, but Wizznutzz support ALL LIFESTYLES 100% !!!!

Etan, wow. He played like he did toward the end of last year, which got me to looking for things from the 2001-2002 season on The Number One Star of Tonight. In this old ass chat transcript, Etan THomas says he loves poetry, like the Wizznutzz!
He also reveals more abuse of the KWAMES BRO!! STOP THE ABUSE !!! SALieri is behind this!!! See here below:

Kari (DC): Etan: You know how in every group, there's usually someone that everyone teases, just because he or she is good-natured about it and is so "teasable"? Who fits that description on the Wizards? Who do you guys give the most abuse to? As a former upstate New Yorker, I'm rooting for you. Keep working on your jumpshot -- when you can hit from 15 feet out consistently, you'll be unstoppable! Kari

Etan Thomas: Probably Kwame, because he's the youngest one. We give him a tough time. We mess with him about everything. That just comes along with being a rookie.

ETAN!! You were pretty much a rook rook last year too, since you sat out the whole previous year with a "toe" problem!! Damn you ETAN!! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!

Wait, did we just turn on one of our own? The Number One Star of the Game? I feel happy AND angry. THIS CHAMPAGNE ROCKS MY WORLD, PLAYA!!! KEN BEatrice, watch yourself, cuz you lookin' handsome!!!!

Dana - 10:14 PM




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