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Monday, December 02, 2002

Hi All , Dana here!!! Since WizzNutzz are now members of the WTEM close-knit family, along with such greats as Kiley and the COach and the Fabulous Sports Babe and Chukie Booms and Xabe, I got to wondering HEY!! whatever happened to Phil Woods? Remember him? God he suckked so damn hard!!! And long!! What a friggin' Doofus' Doofus. He loved to hear himself talk---or sputter really, since he couldn't spit out a sentence without uttering 27 "ahhhhh, uhhhhh"s before he waxed nostalgic about baseball minutia and bad rock and roll (natch, he has some crappy baby boomer rock band hisself!). Seems the WTEM got rid of him, according to this azz-kizzing article. Hey there Mr. Reportter, you forgot to mention that Phil Suxxx! Thanks!

Dana sends her nightly love to The Juan, whose Dixon is out of the lineup for three weeks with a bad wing! DAMN! At least Dana has her "special" photos of dear Juanita to keep her company! Love you long time Juan!!!! Get well soon, Baby Momma Man!!!! At least Brian Cardinal's been activated to replace you. He's hot too. WAAAY HOT (i imagine).

Dana - 9:39 PM




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