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Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Great Wizz night! Lartry Hughes almost got amother double-double but he "settled" for 20 points and 8 johnny rebs. He's sooo fine! LARRY, CALL ME! Christian LAetner scored 7 points and hadda a team high 9 rebs. KwBrown on played 16 minutes, fouled everyone in site, scored two points, and proved himself as ever THE MANCHILD. We Love you KwBrown Bron!! Even that ol' Michael Jordan scored 30, which he usually explodes like that after he scores only, like, 2, as in the game before. Perhaps his hired help, Juanita Dizon Jordan gave him some pointers. Mushmouth elbowed Jason Terry, And G-Whiz's lover scored 23. GREAT GAME FELLOWS!! You beated the Hawks 109 to 99. Aesome!

In the Wizards postgame show, I was entranced, as per, by the glorious and debonyair Adrian Dantly!! I sawed his house in rural Maryland once. Nice place! Sort of! I found a couple of good Adrian info sites. Here's his long-ass NBA bio. Here's a tribute site, Fans 4 Dantly(and who isn't?!?!? COMMUNISTS, that's who. Damn REDS!) They even had a press conference to annouce the formation of their site and campaign to have the Utah Jazz retire AD's #4! Wizznutzz should of thought of that!! The press confernece that is; they Wizznutzz don't care about retiring no other number EXCEPT KwBrown's #5. We should start Fans4KwBrown.com!!

Dana - 10:56 PM




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