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Thursday, December 05, 2002

Dana here with your daily dose of Wizz newzx and linkz.,

Sheed pleaded innocentto pot charges today. Says "My advisor, Dana, told me the weed was medical. Your honor, I plead mos def. So do My Dawgs (aka goldfish). And so do the urinial I have installedin my master bedroom."

From ESPN, we found this article, which had this nugget:
"Even more distressing are the pregame routines of players like former Bullets and Sixers guard (and current ESPN analyst) Fred "Mad Dog" Carter, a nicotine fiend who chain-smoked cigarettes in the locker room."
You'd never known from that sandpaper and dirty azz voice that Mad Dog is always barking in. I wonder if his signatory Issac Love Boat style two finger salute is merely a nervous result of Fred constantly tapping the ashes off two drops at once. (Drops = ciggies, newcomers. GET WITH PROgram!!)

Also Our former local beat writer David "dave" Aldridge, a WizzNutzzz fave, had a long and discursive Michael Jordan article on ESPN recently. I'm not sure what discursive mean but I do know that you don't needa follow the rules of column writing and making sense and so forth when you write on the Intranet!!!!! Just keep cranking out the parentheticals, David "dave"!!!!!!!! WE LOV! EYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

After reading Darvin's post I rushed down to MCI Center after my day at rehab and I bottled some of Kwame's pee snow!!!! after falling for the old "Lemon Snowcone" gag again! And Laetner!! You soo funny, I didn't see you hiding in that snow bank.. Now, you have your chance to win Kwame pee from WizzNutzz.com, a Permanent and Official Member of the Bram Weinstein Family Show (tm), all you have to do is answer this question: Why don't Juan Dixon call me back? I've only called him 53 times this week. Why don't he pick up the phone? ??? Send your answers to wizznutzz@yahoo.com!!!! Chance to win!! Kwame Pee!!!!!!!!
(Not guarnateed to be delivered cold.)

Speaking of Kwames, he took a break from draining the main vein, from tapping off the lizard, from unfurling the hose, from pissing in the wind, from doing some urination across the nation, to sit down with Dave "Rod Rod" Johnson for Wizards Weekly! I'm sure it's very good, but my TRS-80 with 2800 baud modem is having some trouble downloading. W E LOVE YOU KWAMES!! NIGHtly and with pleasure!! YOu are the bestest French person we've ever known.

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