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Saturday, December 28, 2002

Clouds in the Wizz coffee, clouds in their coffee, cuz, they're so vain. They probably think this game is about them. They're so vain (so vain). Don't they, don't they, don't they? Well it says tensions are a-comin' and that there's finger-pointing a-plenty here and here. (And Michael "Bon Bon" Wilbon eats an appetizer of crow here. Did you know Bon Bon is from Chicago? You didn't? Well, you obviously don't read the Bon Bon then because he mentions it in just about every freakin' column! Much love to you Chicago Wilbzy!!! We love your show with TK Stack Money, TMI!!!! on ESPN!!!)

Stack blew his Stack cuz he didn't get the ball in the fourth, mostly becasely Salieri wouldn't give up the rock and he just kept turning it over, poisoning the team just as he poisoned Mozart. Salieri, don't be jealous of the youth. You taught them well. Now let the children make beautiful music together---like the Carly Simon song quoted above---and you stay on the bench massaging Brian Cardinal.

Welcome!! David! I'm Dana!!! We are Nutzz together!!! I'll give you a Very Special intern welcome later in the copy room.

Dana - 8:14 AM




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