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Friday, December 20, 2002

Ben Big Wallace, an alltime Wizznutzz fave, leads the Eastern Conference in all star voting for CENTer!! That's so damn cool!! He's the Round Mound of Hair Rebound!!! Help keep Ben's afro in the all-star game by voting here and voting often!
Here's Big Ben shown brreakdancing against Indiana---he's so good he can pop 'n' lock AND REbound simultaneously!!!!

Here's The Dana's baaloot for the all-star gAME!!

M. Jordan, Washington Wizards
J. Stackhouse, Washington Wizards
B. Wallace, Detroit Pistons (SHOULD BE THE WIZAQRDS!!! BAd trade! DUMMIES!)
Those are the only three Wizz or exWizz on the ballott!! Damn NBa!! So, I wrote it in this obviously missing name (you can onlky write in one):
Kw. Brown, Washington Wizards
And cuz we have to choose one more forward and there are no other Wizz/ex on here, I choosed theis one after much stat consultation:
A. McDyess, New York Knickerbockers

C. Webber, Sacramento Kings
R. Wallace, Portland Trail Blazers
(You can also vote for J. Howard, Denver Nuggets at forward. But you shouldn't) No other Wiz or Ex-Wizz listed in the West. C;mon! Where's the hell is Popeye Jones!! So heres the best of the rest in the West:
Y. Ming, Houston Rockets (LOVES HUMMERS!!!)
B. Wells, Portland Trail Blazers (His Liberal Use of the Word CRACKER impresses us greatly!)
J. Stockton, Utah Jazz (SimPly BEcause we want to hear Bonzai say, "PASS ME THE DAMN BALL, CRACKER!")

Dana - 8:01 AM




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