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Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Snap!! WIzz crush the Clevelnand Cavaliers (What is a Cavalier? Is that the hill were Jesus died? think about it.)
The Wizz shot 52% from field and won 107-100. It was so cool to see the Stackhouse go off. He blew his Stack!! Ha aha stop me.
He scored 35 points. and shot well and aissstists well and johnny rebbed pretty well (i imagine). Brendan Haywood looks like Lorenzo Williams' knee: no coordination. I dunno about him. I like Etan Thomas. He looks good with all that hair on his head and face. Juan Dizon got intot he game!!! He scored like 5 points or soemthing. Maybe 1 more. All in a minute or two or three. He's so cool. And the peeps in the crowd love him!!! As do I, Dana Von.
My one disappointement is that the very handsome Christian Laetner didn't get into the game. At ALL! Snap. He needs to grow his hair, wear a headband, and date MTV VJ Duff again. Or at least DESIRE to.
Adrian Dantly on the air!! This one girl we knew who peed in a tequilla bottle and then told the Wizznutzz to drink when we roadtripped to the Pistons vs. Wizz FIRST GAME EVER AS WIZZ!!! Tha't sright, the Wizznutzz saw the FIRST Wizz game as the Wizz EVER!!!!!! We dedicated. Anyway, Adrian Dantly is on the Wizz postgame TV show. He looks good. Sharp suit. Talks like Eric Dickerson. Anyway, the girl who peed in tequilla bottle (allegedly) lived right next to Adrian's house in rural Maryland!! I saw his house!! Super average!!! But he had a hoop mounted on a pole to practice his dr dunkensteins. I wonder what Patrick Ewings house looks like? Stripper poles and mirrors everywhere? I think so.
So , a greate!!!!!!! game tonight. Much fun. I like Clevlend Calvary Hill's Ricky Davis. Very athetlic. Nice phi slamma jamma moves. Nice weave (hair).

Dana - 9:39 PM




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