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Tuesday, November 05, 2002

OH SNAP!!!!!!!!!! DANA VON IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was knocked out for the past week, lying like a dropped shirt on our kitchen floor. See, what happened was, in a rush to call our new friend B Ram of W Tem 980, I accidentally bumped my head on our securly mounted rotary phone. I went out like Lorenzo Williams knee!!!!! I had the weirdest dreams too. I thought I was on a jazz cruise. WEIRD!! NO WAY!!!! Oh snap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kw.Brown (as the NY Times box scores call him--and as I call him) suffered last year. Oh, Kw.Brown had a bad season on the courts, but he also had pizza face!!!!!!
As the Washington Times reports:
"As his rookie season grew more disappointing with each game, that glazed look was joined by a bad case of anxiety-induced acne that would stay with Brown through a horrendous rookie season..."
"When things are going bad the stress starts to show up on your skin, your personality," Brown recalled. "Fortunately, it was my skin and not my personality."
Yes most fortunate!!!!!!!!!!! Mr. Kw.Brown!!!!

Dana - 7:20 AM




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