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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Hapy Thzgaiving everydoby!!!!
Not much Wiaz news tonight, so me DANA found this about her Favorite Player of ALL TIME (from Eastern Michigan University)!!!!!!!!

"Golden State signed guard Earl Boykins before the Warriors' game against the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night."
WNUtzz are BIG and TALL supporters of 5-foot 5-inch Earl the TIny Pearl Boykins! WizzNutzz have avidly followed his career of this former Eastern Michigan University EAGle!!! In fact, WizzNutzz love Lil' Earl so much, that we listen to this interview every day to get pumped up! and feel better about ourselves!! (Cool flames on the ball! Darvin knows about flaming balls!!!)

WiizNutzz predict that with the Boykins signing Golden State is like our friend Slurms on a first date: Goin' all the way!!!!

Dana - 10:45 PM




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