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Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Dana's back, jack, two times in one night!!! That's not all I can do twice in one night!!! ha ha yeah!
I can eat two dinners too!!!!

Well, the Wizz lost again. This time 88-84 to Indiana. Juanita Dixon played an AWESOME cooL! game though. He scored 15 points and had 6 steals and 5 rebonds and 4 assists and he made us all say "Larry Hughes Ain't Playing Tonight Cuza a Sore Wrist Who?" Alderman Unseld, you've answered our prayers!! More minutes for Juan!!

Also I got a new nickname for Jerry Stackhouse, G-Wiz's lover: Jerry Icehouse, cause his shooting is so damn cold!!!!!!!!! He was 2 for 16 tonight and he was 4-19 in the Memphis game. Gerry Icehouse, my man, put on some hand warmers and stand next to the fire, brother , because you gotta heat up!!! You're killing the WizzNutzz fantasy team!!!

Dana - 9:33 PM




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