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Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Dana von WIth breaking newss!!!
After MJ drove HARD to the basket and was fouled, Jerry "stack" Stackhouse patted him on the butt. Is Stack cheating on G-Wiz? Enquiring minds want to know!!! I want to know!!!

Anyway, problems at home musta caused Stack to shoot so poorly tonight in the Wizz loss to the Seattles, 101 to 95. Beacause they played small ball (a Stackk speciality according to G-Wiz), Kwame only played 20 minutes or so. He spend rest of the time cleansing pores. Brendan Haywood only played 10. Pretty Laetner only played 6. Etan and Oak and Juan, not at, though Juan is small, he didn't play, Juan that is. This is who played a lot (all times in minutes, not seconds, dumbaszz!!):
Bryon Russell 40
Jerry Stackhouse 44
Larry Hughes 42
Michael Jordan 30
Jared Jeffries 32
BRYON RUSSELL!!! WHat is up with tha four oh!!!! No wonder Wizz losted.

In NBA.com interview, Brendxan Haywoods mom says "I never had to go to court with him, never had to get him out of jail. He was really good." PRAISE THE LORD!!!! Also sez "They\'re telling you that you have a HUGE baby and that hes too big. It\'s equating to millions now, but at the time I was insulted." HE BIG UN! Also, she a vandal! "I used to throw ice at the referee, and call them all kinds of names." Finsihed NBA.com interview with loving "I\'m always thankful for my baby." WIzznutzz are too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dana - 8:30 PM




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