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Friday, November 08, 2002

Dana Von Postgame Call-In Show Girl here!!!!!!!!!!!!! As per!!!
iN wAShington we were blessed to have RIc Bucher AND David Aldridge writing for the Washingonton Poste about OUR WIZZRADS!!!!!!!!!!!! They were awesome wreiters. BUT Now they wreite for ESPN and that's cool and itnernational!! But less Wizz coverage until MJ back int town!!!! Now it's cool. They cool.
David Aldrigedege wrote an AWESome column today ABOUt our most fave, Kw.Brown. Here are some favorites from it:
"The Wizards also brought in Patrick Ewing as an assistant coach, and Charles Oakley as assistant curmudgeon. Ewing brings Hall of Fame big man credentials; Oak is like William Demarest's Uncle Charley on "My Three Sons" -- the old grump that never thinks these kids today do anything right."
BEST LINE EVER!!!! about Uncle Chuck! ha ah!
Kw.Brown: ""Last year, I was so robotic,"
WHICH MEANS HE WAS BREAK DANCIN ON THE COURT which is awesome an d cooL!!!!!!
T minus 1 hour and 20 minutes till Wiz v. Lake Lakers!

Dana - 6:41 PM




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