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Thursday, November 07, 2002

Dana surfing web finding Wizz data. Calling B RAM!! JUNKZ ! ZCABE!!!!
I found this story about KW.Brown, nutZQI FAVORITE playa.
In it he cried last year and had scrambled brains at 100 mph and has Jared Jefferies pushing him (stop! the violence!) but he's comfortable now and PLAYONG BALL! no french dressing stories (wizznutzz make collective 'sad' face)
click HERE
RIP HAMILTON CALLS WIZZARDS "OLD GUYs" . Abe Pollin says, "MOS DEF!" After he was awakened on the bench, Charles "OAk Man" Oakley said, "Yeah I'm effing old, retard, stepp off!" Rip tell s the truth here
One last thing as I watch the Pistons vs. Denver game:
Why does Juwan Howard have a completley bald spot on the side of his head? It's not a Sheed style white patch, it's outright bald, like Ice Cube cut his hair in Barbershop after the two smoked some Friday After Next, DIG?!!

Dana - 10:25 PM




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