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Wednesday, November 20, 2002

As per DANA here!! with breaking news! This is headline from the Post. Let's italicize it then analyzie it.
Stackhouse Interested in Olympic Berth
Uh, Jerry, you can't have a berth, especailly a big giant OLympic one!!! Cuz you a man!!!
It;s OK to dream though Stack, it's OK to dream. Cry into G-Wiz''s costume and let him make it all better. That's what Dana does (a full-size reproduction of G-Wiz, not the really thing. HE ain't cheating! on you Stackdomicile!!! I sWEAr ON DArvin's aun't s head!!!)

Also Dana found this line from Kwames in Rachel Nichols Alexander the Great's column about his ups and downns season:
"I'm still dealing with my body."
Dana knows this feeling Kwames! I;m often dealing with my body too. A lot!!!

Dana - 10:35 PM




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