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Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Recognize, Wizznutzz!
Dana von Postgame WTEM Sportstalk 980 Call-In Show Lady-Girl is in the hizzo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My favorite thing in the world is calling our local sports-talk radio show and talking Wizz with my very good friends at the station. We are close. Like a family even. I love them and the feeling is recipricated (the whole "Dana who?" thing is just them joshing me because the family that teases together pleases together!! You know it!!!)
Anyway, I think the Wizz will do grate this year. REALLY grate! Seriously. I think Lorenzo Williams will fulfill his potential and that Jimmy Oliver will find his J (that's hoops lingo for "jumpshoot"). I was talking with my friends at the 'TEM (scooty lynn, Czabe, the other guy) and I was saying "Rasheed and Juwan will make a deadly tandem." I know they will--just watch!!! But Scotty and Zabe and the other Guy just were laughing at me---like I don't know ball!!! The joke IS on them.

Dana - 2:09 PM




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