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Saturday, October 19, 2002

hi Darvin, it's Dana the Postgame Call-In Gal-
I've taken a break from calling Sportstalk 980 WTEM for a second (they are n;t answering my "Where's Ken Beatrice?" legitimate questions anyway) and the Sportsjukies said I was "hurting" (I wasn't hurting nobody, and even if i was nO WAY they could prove it), but anyway I thought I'd give you my impressions of Kwame's moves sinc eyou kint see the games. So. here goes my scouting report, that I been working on real hard and trying to figgure out to what to say (like I do before I call into the radio. I wonder if Joe Madison The Black Eagle is still on the air? Oh www.joemadison.com COOOOLL!!!!) Amyway my scouting report for Kwame is this:
He looks real good. REEAAAL Good.

Dana - 1:02 AM




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