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Thursday, October 24, 2002

Dana von Postgame Call-in Show Gal here, spritzing profusely with this newszz!!!!!!!!!!
Chico Debarge's best friend and TGIFridays customer ROD STICKLAND a Wizzard GRATE! is gonna sign with the Timberwolves which are in the MINNESTONA VIKINGS area; This is SO awesoem and cool. Rod Strickland will be such an ARRESTING presence on the TImberwolves, it will be a felony assulat if he doens't win TEAM MVP (most valuable prisoner) !!!!!!!!!!! Rod, feel the rhythm of the night my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a sadder note of sadness. Wizzards great CHRIS WHitney has been traded to Denver. The best player with plantar fascistis the Bullets ever had, Christopher Whitney was in the Wizards since they were the BUllets and he was a BUllet for 7 years (including Wizards when then switch) AND! Get this,. he had plantar fascistis which is when you dogs are barking!!!! OoooOO! My feet hurt! Chris whitney would howl while jacking up MASSIVE threes from the top of the paint and wondering why he didn't have a cool nickname like THE BOMB SQUAD or even DA BOMB SQUARD. Or just BOMB SQUAED!!! It's cuz his feet hurt, dammit!!!!!!
Goodbye C Whit, we will reconvene soon. Stay Wizzed on forver!!!!

Dana - 10:32 PM




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