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Saturday, October 19, 2002

Dana the Gal Postgame Call here iN-

I just spotted this fascinating story about TYRONN LUE (when the two N's, Lue? And why the E on Lue, Tyronn? Why not just Tyron Lu? That would be econmocail.)
TY LU LIKES CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!! Super cool. It's saturday so none of my radio guys like the WTEMs and The Sports Junkies are on the air, so I thought I'd share it here.! First! Breaking news!!!!!!!!! Ha ha
Anyway, Tyron Lu, a point guard, eats like Rod Strickland:
"Skittles? One of his favorites. Starburst? You bet. Lue had a weak spot for Slim Jims, too, though eating all of them together doesn't seem recommended. Usually, he'd wash it all down with some fruit punch. Quite simply, Tyronn Lue was a raging junk food addict. Sometimes, he'd eat one wholesome meal a day and just fill his stomach otherwise with candy and other snacks." And hot dogs and pizza like Rod? maybbe! That would be a cool lineage for the Wizzards' point guards!!!!!!

Dana - 11:50 AM




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