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Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Dan Posta Von Dana GaME HERE, gnba gang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What's up !??!?
Hey, JP wrote me back, it was KOOL! super cool. Sports jUnks JP. I call him JaYp. He said "The picture of Kwame is great. Thanks for telling us about your site." I say your;e welcome JAYSP!!!!
Couple of nuggets to reveal here before I call the jUNKS AND Zabe with this ingo:
Former WIZzerd great DOUG OVERTON was cut from the Bulls. The Bulls wil l stinK!!!! because of this decision of dumbness. Duog, come home to the Bullets!!
aLSO, DOn Reid hurt his something like a knee or angle and he's oUT FOR THE SEAONS!!! which sux. don reid was a Wizzard greate!!!! Sux. HE should come home and help out the wizzards. which would be coool.
Also, tghe Toronto Rapto'r's LAMOND MURRARY is out for the season for 8 weeks with a sprained foot legiment. which suxc cuz his name is CLOSE to Tracey Murray who starred for the Wizzaesads after he staarrred for the RTaptors!!!!! It's too close to home !!!!
Also, Taltanta Hawks will be the best team this year because they hav Darvin Ham Slam and Rod Grizzard too great exWizzards!! Stay aweesome y;akllk!!!!!

Dana - 6:51 PM




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